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Mashupminati DJ-Based Band: The Fusion of Art & Talent


Mashupminati DJ-Based Band – Step into the exciting world of favorite music and the endless energy of talented people, welcome to Mashupminati. We are more than an ordinary band; we are a revolutionary DJ-based band with a team of six professional artists.

Meet the artist of the best DJ-based band in India

  1. DJ Sonu The central pillar of our performances is our DJ; his name is Sonu. Being a versatile drummer, he can mix different styles and make exact changes so that each song beat would fit the audience.
  2. Dhol Player Sonu Kumar – It is our pleasure to present Sonu Kumar a regular professional dhol player who combines tradition and trend. He adds cultural coloration to our music and enthralls people with every beat.
  3. Drummer Prince Negi – our outstanding drummer who radiates energy on and off the stage and the greatest precision. He set the pulse for us and raised the bar for our dance.
  4. Male Performer Tushar Negi – our male singer and an outstanding dancer Tushar Negi, who can impress the audience with his flexibility and voice variety. He adds extra spice when performing the songs which makes the rendering unique.
  5. Female Performer Ritisha Dutta – our young talented female performer Ritisha Dutta is infamous for her rich soul-touching voice and irresistible stage performances. She enriches and gives sentiments to our music, making it an interesting one.
  6. Female Performer Diwasna Bhatia – another lovely girl Diwasna Bhatia, who also likes singing and dancing and who is also not afraid to show her individuality on the stage. She makes the performances stand out and are fantastic.

What Sets Us Apart

Mashupminati focuses on the combining of various music streams and stages in front of an audience in an ideal manner. Hiring our band assures the CEO, bride, groom, or any other host that the guests will not sit still as we keep them dancing with glee.

DJ based band

Why Choose Us

  • Versatility – With our vast database of songs that comprise traditional dance beats to modern club and film songs, we can accord a dance to all types of occasions.
  • Professionalism – As we have persistently mentioned, we are a company that has built credibility through the years; as such, you can expect nothing less than well-executed moves and service.
  • Memorable Experiences – We establish a unique experience that pulsates and captures the audience with charisma on stage.

Book Us Today

Do you know someone, ready to turn it up with a performance from Mashupminati DJ-based band? Call us now to make bookings and considerations on the type of melody you want for your particular event, with us your event will be a blast.


Find out the flexible Mashupminati DJ-based band fulfilling every enthusiasm of the audience with their energy and ability. Check us out on Instagram for show schedules, performances, and even more into the colorful world of music! It’s

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