Wedding Bands for Women

Wedding Bands for Women: The Ultimate DJ-Based Band Dominating the Scene 

  • Wedding Bands for Women – In the sphere of the further development of musical trends, bands based on DJs are rapidly increasing in popularity, actively using live instrumentation and showcasing unique DJ performances. This trend is embodied perfectly by an extraordinary band featuring six diverse artists: One of the performers was a rapper and a dancer, while the others were two females, a drummer, a DJ, and a person who played dhol. Now let me describe the essential aspects of this DJ-based band and reveal what each of them does to engage the audience.

The Rapper and Dancer: In public and other social events and crowds Energizing the Crowd

  • The rapper and dancer is a two-in-one bundle of energy; fluently rhythmical in both spoken word and footwork, which is the band’s pulse. Some of them present rap in a danceable manner through rhythm and rhymes making a choreographed dance with elements of modern rap music. 

The Female Performers: The title often used in the written text is ”Voices That Captivate”

  • The two female gals are the life of the band as they do sing well, in fact, their voices blend well in enhancing the music played by the band. This versatility makes them capture different moods of every music, be it slow soul music or even pop pulsating music, by laying their emotions on them.

The DJ: Vinaigrettes, marinades, dressings, and sauces prepared by the Master of the Mixes

  • The DJ controls and engineers the running joins and inventiveness behind the songs that set out the musical crave of the band. Self-proclaimed audiophile with a great feel on the right compilation and following the vibes of people, he is a true professional, selecting songs that make everyone dance.

The Drummer: He is also known as “The Beat Maker”

  • As the conductor of the band’s beat, the drummer must produce the rhythm that forms the base of the group. He makes a great syncopation with equally appropriate fills at the right time, thus keeping the feel of every song intact and charging the spirits of the band and the listeners. 

The Dhol Player: Picking up the Cultural Angle

  • With a flair for culturally endowing aspects, the appropriate introduction of the dhol into the musical set of the band brings a modern twist. His powerful drumming becomes an extra value because it unites the style of Pop and Rock with traditional Candomblé and helps to focus on an excellent sound.


This live band uses the DJ-based setup and a diverse team of musicians to revolutionize what can be considered live music. Every member brings out his or her specialty in developing a modern style and, at the same time, ever-green. Regardless of the exciting moves of the rapper and dancer, powerful and harmonious voices of the two female vocalists, powerful and fast beats of the drummer, creative mixes of the DJ, and interesting traditional rhythms of the dhol player, this band is one of the most powerful in the music world. Their experience is still rather limited, but they’re on the verge of taking over the world, show by show. You can also check out our does on Instagram here there are a million and one short videos and pics for you to luxuriate in here.

A form of a band that is comprised of a DJ that has been created exclusively for wedding bands for women.

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