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Meet Our Artist

Experience Mashupminati Top DJ-Based Band Team’s Dynamic Sound! We are the Next Generation of Entertainment.

Meet Our Artist

We’re Mashupminati Meet Our Artist, a leading DJ Based Band in Delhi, with 6 to 7 members who’re well known for their on-stage exuberance. We’re not only a DJ-based band but also a Live Band. We firmly believe that music is the heartbeat of any event, particularly weddings, where it sets the tone and elevates the overall ambience. Our Wedding DJ Band has ability to seamlessly blend different genres of music will keep the crowd grooving throughout the night, leaving everyone astounded and craving for more. Immerse yourself in a nostalgic journey as we deliver an authentic experience that’ll leave everyone speechless. 🎶



Founder of The MASHUPMINATI DJ BASED BAND, Rapper, Professional choreographer from last 14 years. He is a well known Music director, Music composer, Lyricist along with Powerhouse of energy and a power packed Entertainer. His motive to make his own music band is to promote deserving and talented artists.

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Diwasna Bhatia is the female hype creator of our band. She has been working as a singer for the last 2 years. She has been working as a professional dancer for the last 8 years and as a hype creator for the last 3 years. She has had her own dance & fitness academy for the last 7 years.

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ritisha dutta

Ritisha Dutta is the female hype creator of our band. She is working as a professional dancer from last 6 years and as a hype creator form last 2 years . she has worked with various artists in the Bollywood industry. She is the heartbeat of the band who engages with audiences to make your party even more memorable.



Prince Negi is Haryana based Tabla player cum Drummer. He has played with many bollywood celebrities like Jasbir Jassi, Inderchahl, Sukhe, Hargun kaur, performed all over india and abroad like Dubai, Kabul, Egypt, etc.



DJ Sonu is performing as a DJ since 2012. His passion towards his work had Always kept him notable.His aim is to obtain a position in the music industry by his knowledge and talent In which he can utilise his skills.

Sonu Dholi

MR. Sonu

Mr. Sonu – the live Dholi, The fun and energy becomes double when he comes into play. his energy is unbeatable. You can’t stop your feet when he plays.

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