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Best wedding bands in Delhi – Introducing Mashupminati

We provide the best wedding bands in Delhi and are among the top 10 bands. Our job is to make everyone dance at your party with our music and mesmerizing performances. We have organized various programs, but weddings are where we have the most experience. This has earned us a renowned name across India as Mashupminati, a DJ-based band.

Wedding Band

Our band comprises six highly skilled members, each proficient in their craft. We have a male rapper who is also a professional dancer and serves as our music director. Alongside him are two female performers who specialize in captivating the ladies and getting them dancing. Our DJ plays music tailored to your preferences, while a drummer and a dhol player add vibrant beats to enhance the atmosphere. The drummer and dhol player occasionally step down from the stage without the DJ to engage the crowd in lively Bhangra. This dynamic continues for 2 to 2.5 hours, ensuring non-stop entertainment until everyone is thoroughly entertained.

Best wedding band in Delhi

We understand that a wedding is a once-in-a-lifetime event and the most important day for you. We know how to make you and your guests dance, drawing on our years of experience as artists. With this experience, we play as Mashupminati, the best DJ-based band in Delhi.

“Ye Party Hai Jagmagati, Kyu Ki Hai Mashupminati”

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