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Do you know who is the Best DJ-based band in India?

Do you know who is the Best DJ-based band in India? Yes, You guessed it right! we are here to entertain you and make you dance, we provide you with the best artists in India. Our DJ-based band has Artists such as a DJ, a Drummer, a Dhol player, And Three Hype creators, 

We are not just your wedding band; we organize various types of programs such as cocktail parties, corporate events, college concerts, engagements, ladies’ sangeet, birthday parties, and anniversaries. For every kind of program, we work on different content projects, whether it’s the song list or our dance style. Our approach is never the same; we always try to enhance each program uniquely. Whether it’s for the youth, elderly, or even children, we have a separate list for everyone.

We are the next-generation DJ-based band Mashupminati, and our Artists perform Like Family members at your weddings.

Hype Creators

Hype creators are a mixture of entertainment, when the hype creators take the stage they keep you on the dance floor with their Dance moves. When they come to the dance floor they create an amazing environment that takes you into a different world of Dance. 

Our hype creators perform in special ways for you such as doing “Punjabi Boliyan” on the live dhol, getting special couples to Dance to Love songs and sometimes they add live singing into the performance to make the audience dance or even sing along with them. 

Live instruments

Live instruments play a vital role in a DJ Based Band. When a DJ mixes songs, our drummer and dhol player enhance the mashup with the magic of their instruments. This creates a unique atmosphere among people, drawing them irresistibly to the dance floor. When a live singer performs, whether it’s a song or rap, they always need a drummer or Dhol player to make their performance even more enjoyable.

Disc Jockey

Disc Jockey is the backbone of a DJ-based band because in such a band DJ serves as the Base for all the performers. Most of the time DJ performs solo but in a DJ-based band, the DJ is the team member. They deliver impressive performances, creating an electrifying atmosphere with their playlist. They typically play songs that the audience enjoys the most, whether it’s retro, Punjabi, or Bollywood. They also craft mashups that keep the crowd dancing nonstop. The DJ often starts with a BPM of 105 and takes it up to 160 BPM, which creates a flow that keeps the audience glued to the dance floor.

Sometimes DJ performance is so mesmerising that even after the show ends people request 4 to 5 more songs and as always, the DJ entertains the audience with their amazing mixes.


We consider ourselves India’s best band because we understand what you need, and what kind of songs you like, and our DJ takes care of all these aspects. Our hype creators know how to attract all of you to the dance floor, and our artists themselves come on the dance floor to dance, sometimes on the Dhol and sometimes on the Drums, singing songs. This program lasts 2 to 2.5 hours in which we understand your needs. 

Our artists take care of what kind of atmosphere you like. Only those artists are kept in Mashupminati who are worthy of it. With these special things, we become India’s best DJ-based band, and if you want to know how we entertain you, you can visit our Instagram, Facebook, or YouTube channel, there you will find all kinds of photos and videos.

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