Some interesting and untold tales Social tales Get to know Tushar Negi, the man with the Mashupminati DJ-base band

Behind The scenes stories

  • BTS & History Welcome Tushar Negi and his venture, Mashupminati DJ-based Band, He has a total of 14 years of association as a rapper, choreographer, music director, lyricist, and fantastic entertainer. Tushar Negi is a multi-talented artist who contributed a lot to the growth of music.
  • Tushar Negi’s journey began with his love for Dance, which he pursued despite facing challenges, but later in his career, he also developed an interest in music. His passion for uplifting young talents has made him a respected figure in the entertainment world.

The Mashupminati DJ-Based Band

Tushar Negi, the man behind the Mashupminati DJ-based Band, has a very noble and rather humane reason behind starting them up; that is to help deserving talents get to polish their skills, and first and foremost, provide a chance and a pedestal for business-minded individuals to give talented musicians a shot in the industry. Besides, through this band, Tushar aimed to make changes and bring positive changes to other people’s lives and be a part of the development of this industry, respectively, was his motivation for founding the band – to be able to give vent to one’s imagination and provide entertainment to the spectators through the enchanting performance of music and dance.

Tushar Negi’s Journey

  • Negi has flowing ability and plenty of talents such as rap dancing, music composing, etc Besides these talents he is a director, founder, and performer of Mashupminati DJ-based Band which can be a wonderful musical concept.
  • Tushar Negi is famed for choreographing productions that make audiences retain concentration through energy and accuracy.

Tushar Negi’s vision

  • Based on the existing information about MASHUPMINATI DJ-BASED BAND, Tushar Negi has a progressive view on the future of the band envisioning it to be more creative and experimental. In the next few years, his goal is to expand this dream and influence the younger generation to make and follow their dreams of becoming performers and artists.
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